For Patients

Easier Access to Care

Around 30 million Americans live more than an hour away from their nearest ER/Trauma center. Many who live in more urban areas still face time and transportation challenges when getting to the provider they need. Whether it is because they live in rural area where advanced care options are not available or they live in a busy congested city. The CareLinc by Circulum provides patients with monitoring, communication, and coaching with their providers without leaving home. When problems are detected and addressed early, patients can often avoid the need for the difficult and expensive trip to the hospital.

Reduced Costs to Patients

Using the remote monitoring and the health coaching provided by CareLinc helps patients gain control over their conditions. Greater control over their conditions and continual provider feedback help patients avoid many situations that would lead to hospitalization or more advanced, costly care. Medicare studies have shown that every $1 spent on remote patient monitoring saves about $10 in overall health costs.

Engagement and Education

Patients with chronic conditions, either physical or mental illness often feel alone. They feel as though their condition is unique and that no one else understands or cares. CareLinc is more than a monitoring solution. It is a connection to people that educates, empowers, and defeats the social isolation felt by so many. We send educational materials and videos to help patients understand their condition. We personally review their vitals, surveys, and messages and provide one on one interactions without health coach team. We also provide connections to the community that help patients learn from others who share their conditions and concerns.